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Recipes Links

Our Favorites - Belly's semi secret recipes. No they aren't our contest recipes but they are durn good.


Favorite Sites

Official site for the BBQ mail list - THE PORCH!!! The only site you really need. You can find pictures, recipes, BBQ Joint reviews plus a whole lot more. AND mostly important the BBQ LIST FAQ.

Garry's Home Cookin' - Garry Howard is a transplanted Texan. He has put together a terrific site with lotsa pictures and recipes (not just BBQ but Texas and Mexican). Check The pictures of Q-Fest '97 and the folks that post on the BBQ mailing lists.

BBQ Pits by Klose - The birth place of CedarBreakBBQcompany's own "Pretty Baby"

The BBQ FAQ and More - Download the BBQ FAQ in several different formats. Then check out the Q-Links.